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It had started out as simple snooping. There were records on the island, of past events, past inhabitants, so on and so forth. He was bored, and the bookshelves in the rec room weren't cooperating with him, so he went elsewhere in search of information.

And oh, did he find it in the island's public records.

He sort of wished that he hadn't.

He'd been poking around the public records that the council kept. Births, deaths, et cetera, et cetera, boring boring boring.

Snape was half-heartedly flipping through the marriage registry, which was also boring, up until his the moment when own name jumped out at him on the page. Right there in front of him, in crisp handwriting, was a documented marriage between himself and Regulus Black, many years ago.

He most certainly did not marry Regulus Black, not in this life or any other life, thank you very much.

"What the hell is this?" he snapped, glaring hard at the page. If looks could kill, the paper would be up in flames by now.

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Snape has never made it a secret that he thinks Sirius stupid, and perhaps were Sirius a bully of the typical stripe, it might be true. Being reactive and cruel doesn't negate intelligence, though, not at Hogwarts and not here, and after a beat Sirius narrows his eyes, hands still fisted in the front of Snape's shirt.

"Not here. Back home."

Regulus had been at school with them, had thrown in with the Death Eaters around the same time as Snape. Their parents had quietly supported the decision, of course, but Regulus hadn't been stupid, either. Just naive.

The perfect target for someone like Snape, who had a particular loathing for Regulus' older brother.

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It's clear enough that Snape is telling the truth, but it still takes Sirius a long moment to reconcile that with the idea that blame has to fall elsewhere. Against all odds, Sirius had begun to feel something of a kinship with Snape—Not friendship, but the solidarity of experiences shared, feelings understood—and this feels like the sharp slap of betrayal.

When he releases Snape, it's as abruptly as he grabbed him, hands and body both jerked away as Sirius paces to the other side of the room. A good distance between them, he stops and looks back at the man he just assaulted.

"You wanted to," he accuses, as if that's any sort of crime. Regulus was a Black, and Sirius' little brother besides; a lot of people had wanted to shag him. "He dies, you know. Trying to get back at You-Know-Who, he fucking dies, and you get to shag him when I've not seen him since I left school!"

Frustrated, he kicks out at a nearby chair, toppling it onto its side with a clatter. It doesn't make him feel much better.

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Anger and despair pulses through Sirius for one white-hot moment but then abates to a low, tolerable hum when Snape continues. Had they been younger, had Sirius known just a bit less than he presently did, he might have tried to do Snape a harm for the first flippant remark. As it is, he swallows back the impulse and turns his hate inward, where it seems more appropriate these days.

"So had I," Sirius allows in gruff reply. He debates telling Snape what Regulus had done, how key he'd ultimately been before he sacrificed himself, but it somehow feels like betraying a trust. Perhaps part of him will always balk at sharing a confidence with Severus Snape.


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