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Continued from here.

He hated brooms. He hated flying. He hated everything that had to do with any of that mess, but he was fascinated by this. A broom, flying, with no magic. He wanted to take it apart and figure out how it worked. Oh, he wasn't so ignorant of the Muggle world that he wasn't aware of airplanes, but this was different.

Snape's mind spun with the possibilities. If Muggle technology could be harnessed to make a working, flying broom, then perhaps there were other things that could be taken from Muggles to make things more, well, familiar.

With some effort, Snape hauled himself up off of the ground. "Well," he said, eyeing the broom more than Harry, "be more careful next time." He brushed dirt off of his long coat, grimacing in disgust. "You wouldn't want to ruin your precious broom."

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"No, I wouldn't," Harry agreed, trying very hard to soften the terse reply and only somewhat succeeding. Snape had that uncanny ability to make even the most innocuous of words sound as though they were dripping with condescension. It made it hard for Harry to remember how much he owed him. Would owe him.

He noticed the other man's dark-eyed gaze however. That was a little funny. "Except I bet it wouldn't be that difficult to fix. It's not like you need a complicated spell and a great deal of talent. You just need to follow directions."


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