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Birthdate:Feb 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Severus Snape is twenty-one years old, tall and thin and very grumpy looking. He is pale, with shoulder length black hair, typically limp and unclean looking, and eyes so dark you'd swear they were black. He typically wears all black. It suits him well.

Snape is from the Harry Potter book series by JK Rowling and finds himself on the island just as Dumbledore is revealing to him that Harry Potter survived Voldemort's attack.

He arrives on the island with the following items:

One black button-down shirt
One black undershirt
One black vest
One black and silver necktie
One pair of cufflinks, silver
One pair of black trousers
One black leather belt
One pair of black socks
One pair of black boots
One pair of underwear, black
One black topcoat
One heavy cloak, black, with many pockets, containing:
One completely useless wand (13 ½ inches, ebony, dragon heartstring)
Two galleons, seven sickles, eight knuts
Ten pounds, fifty-five pence
One bezoar
One pack of cigarettes, one missing
One book of matches, one missing

Severus Snape is not real. I am not JK Rowling and do not claim to be affiliated with her, Scholastic, etc. I also am not Louis Garrel. Sorry. This journal is all in good fun, for [community profile] the_blank_slate

Interests (20):

avoiding embarrassment, being ambiguous, being better than you, creation, destruction, hiding my daddy issues, holding grudges, laughing at the competition, not dying, not losing, potions, pretending this is home, reading, slytherin house, snarking, starting petty arguments, the dark arts, the library, trouncing the competition, winning at any cost
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