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It had started out as simple snooping. There were records on the island, of past events, past inhabitants, so on and so forth. He was bored, and the bookshelves in the rec room weren't cooperating with him, so he went elsewhere in search of information.

And oh, did he find it in the island's public records.

He sort of wished that he hadn't.

He'd been poking around the public records that the council kept. Births, deaths, et cetera, et cetera, boring boring boring.

Snape was half-heartedly flipping through the marriage registry, which was also boring, up until his the moment when own name jumped out at him on the page. Right there in front of him, in crisp handwriting, was a documented marriage between himself and Regulus Black, many years ago.

He most certainly did not marry Regulus Black, not in this life or any other life, thank you very much.

"What the hell is this?" he snapped, glaring hard at the page. If looks could kill, the paper would be up in flames by now.

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Sirius Black was not mates with Severus Snape. Both of them seem in total agreement to this fact despite that they have, somehow, managed to be more than civil in each others presence lately. There's a strange, sad bond that ties them together, but they aren't friends, regardless of how it might seem from the outside.

Case in point: It's still instinctive for Sirius to suspect Snape of something nefarious when the surly bastard gets to snooping around, and just as instinctive for Sirius to follow along with the hope of catching him in the act. Catching him in the act is a bit more casual these days, and involves more leaning casually in doorways with a cup of coffee than any actual sneaking, but the point is, Sirius is there.

"Filing an affidavit certifying how much you're secretly in love with me?" he asks, bony hip propped against the door frame as he sips from his cup. "Aww, Snivelly, you could have just said!"


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